The archaag team creates personalized virtual environments in Metaverse, where people come together as avatars to experience the unlimited possibilities of the digital world, observe art and design, and socialize.

These spaces illustrate the potential of using creativity, high-performance programs, and open-source applications to develop 3D environments accessible to anyone, anytime, anywhere.

archaag spaces are original creations, composed of concept volumes, intended for exploration, exposure, projection of media materials or discussions. We model all major 3D assets by ourselves and only introduce small elements gathered from online sources, such as furniture, décor pieces, or materials & textures, all license-free or paid for. This is how we ensure we have 100% of the intellectual property of the final product.

artaag's fitting room

Created as a proof-of-concept for an interactive fashion experience, Artaag’s Fitting Room merges a luxurious contemporary interpretation of Art Deco architecture with the elegance of metaverse design. Check yourself in the mirrors wearing each and every outfit, while your friends sip champagne and admire you from the sofa.

secluded cabin

Placed between massive rocks and a stunning mountain lake, the Secluded Cabin is an idyllic remote retreat for us. The fire burning in the fireplace, the cup of hot coffee on the terrace, and the subtle play of lights high between the wooden beams, are just as many delicate ways of making you feel warm, cozy, and welcome. We’d love to see you here!


Moonbases is a virtual environment based on the 3D assets of Moonbases NFT collection by archaag and TopoSociety. It illustrates a complex system of Modules and Upgrades (rocket not included!) that are also available to all the collectors ( Join in on the fun, and purchase a Plot from LoopExchange (

If you want to find out more about this project, follow us on Twitter (@MoonbasesNFT) and get into our Discord (!

archaag archipelago

archaag archipelago is a highly conceptual virtual space created by archaag team on the platform for a 100% online event during Romanian Design Week 2023 (RDW2023), where people come together as avatars to experience the endless possibilities of the digital world, observe art and design, share ideas, and hang out.

After the RDW2023, archaag archipelago remained the current HQ of our team and one of our most popular virtual space yet.


The Purple Space Place is a bespoke virtual environment created for our partner, from Florida, USA. This community-oriented event space is dedicated to showcasing and fostering creative art projects. Our teams work closely together to provide an enjoyable experience for everyone, where we can all feel welcome and explore the world of web3.


This NYC-style abandoned apartment block was realized as a 100% original building, for web3 creator Yaboynancy, after clear specifications, to fit with the style and purpose of his artwork – that of telling his story and embracing the adventure of rising from tough environments to a well-established figure in the community. The high level of detail and the realism of textures were the main challenges of this project, one of our first on the platform.

gamering hall and vip lounge

archaag is a founding member of GameRing, a team that own and operates an events space where dice games and game shows are held weekly, with Layer 2 NFTs and ENS addresses up for prizes.

Initially built solely for renders, the current space was always dreamt of as a virtual meeting point and has had a rising success. Undergoing many iterations and modifications, it embodies the work of several team members and, although the main concept and shape remain archaag’s, it was optimized and significantly improved by Lunar, the host on, decorated by Colin, the MC of the live events, and features unique artwork by Munsing, Dice, Bimbo and many more.